Thank you!

To all my current and previous partners, sponsors, supporters,
but also colleagues, followers, friends and every one helping me on my way. 

I’m proud to be the ambassador to a movement that sets new standards in technology, education and freediving sport. Freedivers for freedivers. Unmatched in equipment or education, Molchanovs is the choice of elite athletes and instructors.

One of the biggest and most advanced producers of sport nutrition in the world. Delivering certified purity of ingredients. Personally tested through everyday use. 

The most progressive hospital in the region, gathering national experts mainly focused on cardiology, recovery, physiology, wellness and sport medicine through the most technologically advanced diagnostics tools on the market. 

Netonomics of Sweden enables telecom operators take the lead on their markets by optimization of link networks. Communication network efficiency uses methods for optimizing and balancing quality and cost parameters for optimal resource allocation. Netonomics methods always reach improved cost and quality results. In essence very similar to methods we use to reach farther and deeper in freediving. 

From the depths of the Adriatic Sea, a natural energy rises up.
Aqua Maris, a line of natural products based on Adriatic seawater,
designed for everyday use at home and on the go.

The most advanced pool freediving neckweight system on the market
Liposomal vitamins and other specific nutrients. Technologically advanced formula with superior absorption.
If the oceans die, we die.
Plant based micro nutrients of the new generation, 100% organic
the best spreads in the world, 100% home made and hand made in Zagreb, Croatia. Must try!
My home gym where I coach, teach and train. The place to forge your body in Rijeka, Croatia.
Croatian design divers’ watch
RiRock! Climbing – best boulder in the city
They make impossible possible in ways you can never imagine
Freediving club Ocean – Rijeka